Tyron Coomer

My name is Tyron Coomer, i am from Cape Town South Africa. At the age of 18 i finished my schooling career and finished up my private pilots for helicopter and was taken by the whole flying industry. Before i started my commercial for helicopters i decided to go from 6000ft in the sky to below the waters. I wanted to do something different for fun while taking a break from the skies. Yet little did i know that this underwater world would suck me in all the way to making a lifestyle out of it!

I started my training in South Africa Cape Town with my open water, diving in waters of 13 degrees. Even in these conditions diving had captured my heart! I went straight through from obtaining my Open Water to Divemaster license, which is the 1st professional level of diving. I then worked at the university underwater club and from there ventured further into Africa where i did some more work as a Divemaster in Mozambique. From the 13 degrees of cold cape waters to the warm 25 degree waters in Mozambique, the diving made me fall even more in love seeing marine lives such as Whale Sharks, Manta rays, Leather back turtles, Eagle spotted rays and schools of Hammer head sharks !!!

After my adventure in mozam i headed back to SA where i then decided to come out to thailand with two other friends that had already chosen Koh Tao as the destination 🙂 So the tickets were booked and the adventures began. My two friends that came with me were already instructors and i came hoping to work as a Divemaster. With no jobs we all arrived and started the process of handing out CV’s and looking for work as a Divemaster. I struggled and my friends were pretty set, so i decided i would become an instructor here in Koh Tao. The hunt began to as where i should do my IDC…

After a lot of searching and looking around a friend on the island referred me to Jeff. I then met up with Jeff for a beer and we began to chat. After our chat , I left knowing that this is where i want to be! I could see Jeff had a great knowledge of diving and was very experienced in working with people. My two friends from South Africa agreed with me and we all thought that Jeff is the most experienced, helpful, and friendly. The next day i signed up for the IDC with Jeff and met the rest of the people that were on the course with him. They were all great people and we all got introduced and the process began of grooming our group to become Instructors. As the course began we grew closer and closer to jeff. we did not just see him as our trainer but more of a friend but still keeping the seriousness and high standard of training in play. I had never seen such a level of professionalism in all my life while maintaining the the social and fun side to training all in one. Through out the IDC i witnessed how jeff had an amazing level of patience through his attempts in always making sure the group were on the same page at all times.

To be frank, I was the one in the group who required the most attention. At one stage during the course I thought to myself that i should sit out this IDC and join in on the next one. Jeff assured me that he would not let me attend the IE if i was not completely ready. I put all of my trust in Jeff and whenever we encountered problems related to physics, RDP, Skills and Environment or Presentations, Jeff would patiently take time out of his evening to answer our questions. Whenever needed, Jeff would sacrifice his own time for some extra one-on-one review. To me, this was the thing I found most important with the relationship between the Course Director and Students. After i gave Jeff a few more grey hairs and learnt through him how to become a lot more organized and we came to the final days before the IE jeff had spent so much time and effort with me in assuring i would be ready for the IE, i could even take two off days before the IE. Our group all entered the IDC really really confident and were a little stressed but had faith in our trainer Jeff. Throughout the IE we all passed with flying colors and were even asked by our evaluators who our Course Director was, where we all were very very proud to answer jeff.

I was then an instructor!!! 🙂 and proud to be taught by jeff as he really bettered me in many ways example: More interactive, being more organized and how to better things that i did with not telling me im wrong or trying to teach me his ‘style’ but telling me what i did that was good and then how to maybe just better it a little by giving me lots of suggestions from his great knowledge to choose from and then helped me just make everything gel 🙂

I am now working as a instructor and have not been back to the skys to fly and do my comercial for helicopters as this is now my passion. I work at a very nice dive resort and i have been complimented on the way i interact with people how i teach and train…. all i can say is that i have one person to thank for all this and thats Jeff.

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