Becoming a Technical Diving Instructor. Very rewarding experience. Learning from Jeff has been a high point in my career as a diver. From rescue diver to tech deep instructor and full cave diver, I’ve made a point of working with the most experienced instructors I could find. No one else has stood out in their dedication to making me understand not just techniques, but the reasons for them as Jeff has.

Jeff teaches to extremely high standards and will not compromise those standards for any reason. It’s a trait I became to admire as you do truly earn your dive certification with Jeff. If your skills aren’t too those standards expected, then it’s back into the water until they are. This approach hones your skills, develops your knowledge to the point you become confident in your ability to execute your technical dives within your safe limitations.

He really makes you think about the details, developing your dive awareness, and most importantly, stresses the importance of maintaining focus on your task at hand, your environment, and your teammates. This, in my mind, is what has benefitted me the most as a diver. Training with Jeff has not only made me a better diver, but also made me a better dive instructor as well. I’m proud when i say I became a Technical Diving Instructor with Jeff Glenn.

I have a feeling he’ll be teaching me to dive a rebreather or trimix, if not both in the near future. Looking forward to being able to do some exploration a little deeper on Trimix and maybe a little longer when i start my CCR training on either the JJ-CCR or the SF2 rebreathers with Jeff. No that I have a solid foundation of skills that jeff helped develop, I feel I’m confident and ready for more challenges and exciting diving that this training will bring.


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