Jacob Nolan

Before my Divemaster and IDC with jeff Glenn, I did everything from being a rigger in Perth, a climber in London, a pub crawl tour guide in Amsterdam, Hostel Manager in Milan and a Barman in Greece.

I used to live in Koh Phi Phi island and while living there i decided to come to Koh Tao for a holiday, really enjoyed the lifestyle and people here so i decided to stay.

Best thing i liked about the course was the variety in the lessons, since there was a lot to learn the way it was set up was half the day would be in water while the other half of the day in classroom might be organized to cover a few different area’s so that nothing ever got to stale and it was easy to stay interested in the content. The teaching methods and allowing for classroom discussions also was a big part in making it a enjoyable and effective experience.

I’d recommend anyone to do their training with Jeff as he puts the time and effort in and customizes his teaching methods that best suit the student. He even took time out of his day before the course took place to make sure that we all felt comfortable starting the course and was fully up to speed and confident in our own abilities. The main reason i would say people should do their training with jeff is unlike so many other people that seem to be in the industry as long as Jeff, Jeff is still passionate about his job and diving. So having a combination of passion, skill, experience and being relatable with the students makes him the ideal teacher.

Jeff’s best attributes as an dive educator is definitly in his honesty, if he thinks that there’s something you need to work at he will up front tell you and then guide you in the best way forward to change and learn for the better. Whether its something educational such as needing to improve on physics or something more personal related like working on confidence in group situations.

I’ve benefited a lot from my training. The methods that were used helped me to fly though my instructor examination with flying colors. I haven’t had trouble finding work after my course and i learnt so much through the teaching techniques that we learnt and observed throughout the course that I actually find myself sometimes mimicking certain attributes with my own students as they work so effectively.

Overall, I felt it was a fantastic course, well scheduled, and can’t recommend Jeff as a Course Director enough, definitly owe him a beer! Haha its probably more like 50 beers!

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