Gordon McBride

After training as a plumber & gas fitter in Scotland I decided to see a bit of the world for a few months and take some time out from toilets, kitchens, bathrooms and boilers…so in 2009 I travelled with two friends to Thailand, Australia and New Zealand. 8 months would surely be enough to get the travelling scene out my system. How wrong was I. After returning home in late 2009 and securing a good job and buying a house I could not get the travelling events out of my head. Koh tao in particular. One of the best places we stumbled upon on our travels. The best mainly due to the diving experience, after completing my Open Water & advanced courses I just wanted more and more.

So unfortunately or not so as it turns out, due to the recession back home I found myself out of work and sitting at home, then it came to me. “Get yourself back to the Island”, I thought and give diving a shot. So off I went alone into the unknown.

After completing my Divemaster course and working leading certified divers around the local dive sights I realised I was completely taken by the underwater world and the tropical island lifestyle. So the decision was made to become and instructor and I was advised by reliable people to conduct the Instructor Training Course with Jeff Glenn.

November 1st 2011 we started the instructor course, and it was the start of long tiring days in the classroom and in the water although looking back very, very enjoyable days…The training Jeff provided was second to none, I had obviously been advised well. Jeff made sure we were over prepared for any coursework and assessments that were to be taken over the two week course. If there was any questions or queries about anything that was a little more complicated Jeff took the time to sit down and explain everything in great detail until what you thought was complicated soon became second nature…Anytime night or day Jeff was available to be consulted. It became very obvious that Jeff’s teaching skills were of the highest standard, Jeff being a teacher back home in Australia was plain to see.

On November 16th the big day had arrived, the three day instructor evaluation had arrived and everyone very nervous. Although due to Jeff’s preparation over the previous weeks in became clear that we were all over prepared for the evaluation and all passed with flying colours. The training over the two weeks looking back was conducted to the highest standard and I could not have asked for any more from the course directors, 100% value for money…

As I write this testimonial for Jeff I have just finished an 8 person open water course….one of many I have taught since qualifying as an Instructor. The satisfaction you receive from the people you take into the underwater world for the first time is indescribable….simply amazing. I have a lot of people to thank for where I am today, and without doubt Jeff is one of them. I would, and have recommend anyone thinking of conducting the course to get in touch with Jeff….Not only was Jeff an awesome mentor but a guy I can now call a good mate…

Thanks Jeff for helping me on the way to live my dream……Tec Diving next???? I think so!

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