Tec Xplore Day June 27th

For all of our DiveMaster Candidates and PADI Instructor candidates on this months PADI IDC, we will be running a Tec Xplore Day where you will be given the opportunity to test dive one of our expedition range Closed Circuit Rebreathers. (CCR). This was a great day out when we last ran the day with close to 30 people turning up to try the rebreathers and the sidemount units we had out.

CCR diving is the configuration of choice for alot of the cave and wreck exploration trips that are conducted around the world. The units we’ll be using for the Xplore day are just 2 of the leading units some of the worlds best explorers use. The JJCCR and the SF2. We’ve recently added the XCCR from Subgravity to our collection of rebreathers and will be using that as well for future Xplore days.

We’ll be doing a quick classroom session in the morning to be given a quick run down on how the rebreathers work, the benefits of choosing one for your diving adventures and then discussing some of the fun expeditons I’ve had on mine.

THE Rebreathers


The JJ-CCR and SF2 ECCR from Scuba Force will the units we’ll be using.  For those waiting for their turn on the CCR, we’ll also have out 4 sets of sidemount units available poolside to show you how sidemount diving configuration differs from single tank configuration that your all used to diving in here on Koh Tao. Brand names will be Xdeep, Razor and Hollis.


Siemount is becoming more and more popular as the configuration of choice for alot of divers who wish to acess areas twinsets snd rebreathers can’t squuze thru. Alot of the cave divers around the world are know prodominatly using sidemount for their exploration


Here’s a couple of links to the units we use here at Bans Tec and GoPro asia.





This will be conducted on June 27th at a cost of 300 baht a head.

An intro to technical diving and a chance to use and dive in some advanced technical diving equipment under the wathful eye of PADI and TDI IT Jeff Glenn.