Tec Trimix Instructor/Full Cave Testimonial.

Divemaster Internships


I’ve recently spent 2 months on Koh Tao completing a Tec Instructor and Cave diving Internship. I came to Koh Tao having completed Tec training with a range of instructors all offering different teaching styles so I wanted to find a style I was most happy to pass on to my future students. Over the 2 months I dived, assisted and learnt as much as I wanted with Craig adapting my kit until it was the simplest and easiest configuration required for Tec diving (KISS). I Completed about 60 dives in total mostly tech and cave dives. The guys at Banstec are very knowledgeable and they’re experience is second to none. I worked with Jeff, Craig and Chris during my stay.



I finished my trip with my PADI TecRec Trimix instructor with Jeff, after working with the guys for nearly 2 months I knew I was ready and Jeff got his experience with deeper dives across very well, while I frantically tried to learn as much as possible! My final dive was 100m inside Song Hong cave, the logistic support and team were excellent and the dive went without problems. Koh Tao is an amazing place to complete your training with easy access to the caves on the mainland and access to 50m from the island. It’s such a beautiful place to grab a few deco beers on off gassing days too especially if your into your pub crawls! No regrets in choosing Jeff, Craig and Chris for completing my training and would recommend them to anyone in the future. Ashley Roberts, 22, UK