Go Pro Asia | GO DIVE, GO PRO, GO TEC Prices & PADI Application Fees

Welcome to GoPro Asia. We are proud to offer the most progressive and professional diving courses in the world. We guarantee that you will get training following the latest techniques, use of the most up to date materials and acquire skill and knowledge from some of the most experienced diving trainers in the world. We also promise that you will have a lot of fun during your courses!

GoPro Asia is perhaps the best “bang for your buck’ option you find out there, as we do offer more than most. We include more training, more time with the students, more tips and hints from the field than required by all diving organizations. We love technical diving and teaching Pro-Level courses, and promise to share that passion with you during the training. We strive for the highest quality training in all aspects of your development as a diver regardless of your level.

The prices include equipment rental for student level courses.

Go Dive

Go Pro


Divemaster Crew Pack: 7000 baht
Instructor Crew Pack: 17000 baht
Instructor Crew Pack: 3500 baht


Go Tec Rec


These are the Individual Course prices. If you are taking a Trimix course with GoPro Asia, you’ll need to add the cost of the Helium for both student level and Instructor level. The student will also pay for the Course Instructor’s helium as well.

All our Courses are performance based and we add extra training at NO cost if needed to ensure all students master the course objectives.

Please check our package deals if your interested in 2 or more of our courses.



(payable by credit card in Australian Dollars)

Divemaster: $187
Assistant Instructor: $100
Instructor Enrollment Fee: $825
IDC Application Fee: $238
Master Scuba Diver Trainer (MSDT): $128
IDC Staff Instructor: $154
Specialty Instructor: (Method 1) $94
Specialty Instructor: (Method 2) $150
EFR Primary/Secondary Care Instructor: $164
EFR Care for Children Instructor: $111
Master Instructor: $175



(payable by credit card in Australian Dollars)

Tec Instructor fee : $152
PADI Tec Deep Instructor Application: $152
PADI Tec Trimix instructor Application: $152
Tec Sidemount Instructor fee Method ONE $94
Tec Sidemount Instructor fee Method TWO $150