The life of PADI Professionals.

Have you ever been on the commute to work, sitting in traffic, heading to sit at a desk behind a computer and start daydreaming of that upcoming vacation?  That vacation filled with palm trees, sunny days, beaches and relaxation.  Now imagine that vacation as your daily routine.  Picture yourself surrounded by happy souls on vacation…these are your new clients.  Picture yourself soaking up the sun on a boat cruising through beautiful turquoise waters…this is your new office.  Picture yourself flying weightlessly through warm clear sea surrounded by thousands of fish and gorgeous corals…this is your new gym.  The life of PADI professionals is one of if not the best jobs in the world.

Your PADI professionals career begins with the Divemaster level.  During your Divemaster training, you will hone your diving skills along with understanding your responsibilities now that you will have divers under your care.  Some of the most important aspects of your Divemaster training are the workshops provided by your program leader.  These workshops will include a waterskills assessment to prepare you for Divemaster conducted programs including: Scuba Review (now Reactivate) / Discover Scuba Diving Leader / dive site set up and management / mapping project / dive briefing and leading / search and recovery scenario / deep dive scenario.  In addition to this, you will also learn how to properly aid PADI Instructors as a certified assistant during their courses.  This will expose and help prepare you for becoming an instructor should you decide to start your Instructor Development Course (IDC).


Once you’ve mastered the art of being a Divemaster, the next challenge is to become an Open Water Scuba Instructor (OWSI).  Can you remember when you first completed your Open Water course?  How did you feel about the person who taught you.  In most cases, this OWSI acts as your mentor, tour guide, and friend.  Think of how your life changed once you were introduced to the underwater world.  As an instructor, you are now the one making the introductions and changing people’s lives.  From Open Water courses to certifying Divemasters, you are now responsible for developing others’ underwater abilities.  It can be the most rewarding feeling in the world when you help others overcome their difficulties and/or build on their strengths to become the next leaders in scuba diving.

So follow the road less travelled.  Break free from the mould.  Becoming PADI professionals will open an entire new world of being passionate about your career, living where others take their vacations, and changing the lives of others…all while getting paid.  What are you waiting for?