TDI Extended Range Instructor

The TDI Extended Range Instructor course provides the training and experience required to be certified to competently teach air dives to 55 meters / 180 feet that require staged decompression, utilizing Nitrox mixtures or oxygen (O2) during decompression.

The objective of the TDI Extended Range Instructor course is to train instructors in the proper techniques, equipment requirements, and hazards of deep air diving to a maximum of 55 meters / 180 feet and utilizing Nitrox mixtures or oxygen for staged decompression.


  • History of Deep Air Diving
  • Physics
  • Physiology
  • Decompression Option
  • Equipment Requirements
  • Dive Tables
  • Dive Computers
  • Dive Planning
  • Procedures


  • Minimum age 21
  • Provide proof of 250 logged dives, 25 must be extended range dives
  • Certification as a TDI Extended Range Diver or equivalent
  • Certification as a TDI Advanced Nitrox and Staged Decompression Instructor or equivalent
  • Must have certified 10 students in advanced Nitrox diver or decompression procedures diver, a minimum of 5 must be decompression procedures divers

In order to complete this course, students must:

  • Satisfactorily complete the TDI Extended Range course written examination and be able to adequately explain each answer to a prospective student
  • Demonstrate mature, sound judgment concerning training, dive planning and execution
  • Demonstrate proficiency in every skill required in the TDI Extended Range Diver course
  • Demonstrate proficiency in teaching the TDI Extended Range Diver program
  • Present at least 1 graded presentation on an extended range topic

Course Duration: 4 days, 4 dives


To book this course, a 20% ( ฿8,000 ) deposit is payable now. The balance is due on arrival.