PADI Specialty Instructor (MSDT)

Teaching Specialty courses is extremely rewarding, enjoyable and allows you to express your passion and enthusiasm in the specialized diving areas, that you love, to your students.

We set aside the period after each IDC we conduct, to dedicate our focus on teaching our newest dive educators, how to teach the PADI specialty programs on our unique Master Scuba Diver Trainer Preparation and Internship Program..

If it’s your desire to train your student divers to the pinnicle certification in recreational diving, then you will want to be a MASTER Scuba Diver Trainer. Not only is it cool to have the word ‘MASTER’ in the title, your students will know where to come when they want to learn from an expert.


IDC-prep3This course is combined with the PADI specialty Instructor process where you learn how to plan, conduct and market Specialty training in at least 5 different areas. We cover knowledge development and course standards specific to the areas you choose.

Candidates are also required to present sections of the Academic’s in the classroom, participate in in-water workshops as well as Open water teaching presentations.

You can choose to become an Instructor in any five of these specialties –

  • PADI Enriched Air specialty instructor
  • PADI Deep Diver specialty instructor
  • PADI Wreck specialty instructor
  • PADI Digital Underwater Photographer specialty instructor
  • PADI Underwater Videographer
  • PADI Equipment Specialist
  • PADI Multi level – Computer
  • PADI Diver Propulsion Vehicle
  • PADI Oxygen Provider.
  • PADI Night Diver specialty instructor
  • PADI Navigation Diver specialty instructor
  • PADI Drift Diver specialty instructor
  • PADI Search and Recovery specialty instructor
  • DSAT Gas Blender specialty Instructor


Once the specialty Instructor training is complete, you then move on to gain the minimum pre-requisite of 25 PADI diver certifications before you can apply to PADI for the prestigious Master Scuba Diver Trainer Rating. During this training you work side by side with our team of highly motivated, experienced Master Instructors.

This rewarding part of your training is – The INTERNSHIP program

specilty-instructorInitially, you begin under the direct supervision of an experienced Master Instructor, observing how they conduct their PADI programs. Here, we begin to build your teaching skills and confidence, giving advice and valuable tips.

As you move thru this section of your training, our senior Instructors assess you and provide hints and recommendations that will make your courses more fun and effective for both you and your students.

Gradually you are given more and more responsibility eventuating in you independently teaching full PADI programs and even having the opportunity to earn your first teaching commissions!

The internship has no time limit, so you can continue to team teach with other instructors and absorb invaluable teaching techniques as long as you wish. This gives you the chance to go beyond the minimum of 25 certifications required for your MSDT rating.

Many previous participates, have found this program as rewarding as the IDC itself, helping them shape and mould their own personal teaching style.

This Internship program is invaluable, as it offers you real-life teaching experience and will look ever so impressive on your resume, in that you taught at an award winning Career Development Centre.

To qualify as an MSDT

  • Be an Open Water Scuba Instructor
  • Have five PADI specialty Instructor certifications
  • Have certified at least 25 PADI divers

Additional Fees ontop of course booking below:

These are payable ontop of the course fee.

Payable on arrival

Paid directly via credit card to PADI
PADI MSDT Application fee $128 AUD
PADI Specialty Instructor Application Fee – $94 AUD – per specialty.

Next Step?

As a Master Scuba Diver Trainer, you can now start thinking about moving into technical dive instruction. The MSDT is a prerequisite to instruct the Tec Deep and Tec Trimix programs. Click the graphic to the right to find out more in our IDC Booklet.


To book this course, a 20% ( ฿4,400 ) deposit is payable now. The balance is due on arrival.