Change of Lifestyle Internship

8 months | 275,000 baht

change-lifestyle1Change of Lifestyle Internship includes:

  • PADI Dive Training from beginner to PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer (MSDT)
  • Gain a minimum of 25 PADI certifications
  • Gain Instructor Ratings for 5 PADI Specialty courses (Deep, Enriched Air Nitrox,Underwater Navigation, Equipment Specialist,Search and Recovery, O2 Provider)
  • Full set of the latest model scuba diving equipment
  • All required materials and PADI certification fees
  • Tec Basics Course
  • An IE Pass Guarantee
  • Visa Assistance
  • Free Lunch during your IDC, O2 Instructor course
  • Option to Upgrade to our Unique Go Tec Pro Instructor package!!

Change of Lifestyle Internship – More info …

A career in diving can give you opportunities that 9-5 existence couldn’t possibly compete with. It will open doors to adventures that you couldn’t possibly dream of. Dive professionals have the most envious lifestyles in the world, either scheduling reef dives from a luxury yacht or taking first timers off a sun kissed beach to blow bubble for the first time.

As a PADI professional, you have the opportunity to work in over 180 countries around the world, and not just as a Dive Instructor. There are an abundance of opportunities within the PADI family, and many differing paths to take advantage of within the PADI system.

Bottom line is having the right credentials to fully take advantage of those opportunities, and with those right credentials, the potential is limitless.

So if getting paid for doing something you love appeals to you, then consider the Change of Lifestyle program offered here with GoPro-Asia.

The Change of Lifestyle Internship is the complete package providing you with the experience, Knowledge, skill set and professional qualifications you will need to be a success in the Dive Industry.

Your whole program will be supervised and conducted by Course Director and Technical Instructor Trainer Jeff Glenn.


This 8 month scuba diving internship will progress, in order, thru the levels of PADI Diver education beginning with –


1. Open Water Diver:

change-lifestyle2Your first step is to learn Scuba. We’ll work thru the basic dive theory required, spend some time in one of our pools mastering the basic motor skills , then take you out to the reef to conduct your 4 open water dives practicing your buoyancy control over the stunning coral reef. (more)

2. Advanced Open Water Diver:

Your first Deep dive to 30 metres, Your first use of a compass while using natural landmarks as a navigational aid. Your first night dive with the Barracudas!! These dives are designed to broaden your skill and comfort level even further with emphasis on buoyancy control thru proper breathing techniques. (more)

3. Emergency First Responder and PADI Rescue:

You’ll be first aid trained, as you’ll need this certification before becoming a PADI pro. You’ll also work thru a series of exercises and scenarios to improve your rescue ability. We’ll train you in how to deal with potential surface problems like panicked diver, unconscious diver as well as underwater issues like overexertion and searching for missing divers. This will all lead to a final scenario where you will organize a rescue of a missing diver and co-ordinate the logistics involved in their safe return….. This is a very challenging but rewarding course.


4. Divemaster Internship:

change-lifestyle3Your first step in becoming a Dive professional. This internship will train you to handle scuba diving logistics, lead certified scuba divers on Koh Tao’s famous dive sites and you’ll assist our team of Instructors while they conduct one of the 3 courses mentioned above. You’ll also proceed through workshops on how to organize and run Divemaster conducted programs. You’ll have a mapping project to complete, skills curcuits to perform so your skill set is at Instructor level and work thru with your Dive Theory so your knowledge in Diving Physics, Physiology, Decompression procedures is top draw. Because Master Instructors and Course Directors will conduct your training, you can be assured you’ll end up an expert diver and role model that other divers will look up to.

5. PADI Instructor Development Course:

Time to show you how to teach using the PADI System of Diver Education. We’ll go thru the standards and the performance requirements that need to be met, for you to conduct your programs successfully. You’ll have plenty of practice delivering classroom presentations, confined water sessions and open water presentations where we practise identifying and correcting simulated diver problems. There is a lot to cover in this 17 day program but you’ll learn so much and feel ever so confident entering your PADI Instructor Exam (IE). Keep in mind your Course Director Jeff Glenn will be with you from Day 1 of your training, and he’s super proud of his 100% success rate.

6. PADI Instructor Exam (IE):

The IE is a 2 day examination conducted by PADI Examiners who come to the island specifically to evaluate your performance. They have come to make sure you can teach to the standards that PADI require worldwide. There is nothing different on the exam that you haven’t already covered dozens of times on your IDC. With GoPro-Asia, we have a 100% success rate, and Jeff intends to keep it like that so you will be very well prepared for when your IE comes along.



change-lifestyle4Once your certified as an Open Water Scuba Instructor, it’s time to move on and get some experience so you can get those Instructor jobs in those exotic locals you’ve dreamed about.

This is an Internship program which will help you develop your teaching style by working side by side with our team of super experienced PADI Master Instructors. Under their guidance and expertise you’ll quickly certify your first 25 student divers gaining valuable teaching tips along the way.

Preceding this internship, you’ll gain your Specialty Instructor ratings which include learning how to teach in specialized areas, the standards of the course you’ll teach and the performance requirements needed for you to certify your students.

You will gain these Instructor ratings :

  • PADI Deep Specialty Instructor
  • PADI Wreck Specialty Instructor
  • PADI Enriched Air Specialty Instructor
  • PADI Night Specialty Instructor
  • PADI O2 Provider Specialty Instructor
  • PADI Digital Underwater Photography Instructor
  • PADI Search and Recovery Instructor
  • PADI Navigation Instructor

This part of your Internship is conducted on the second day after you’ve completed your IE……as we take a day off after celebrating success on your Instructor exams. You’ll do this part of your program under the direct guidance of your Course Director and Technical Instructor Trainer, Jeff Glenn. It’s a lot of fun, as we get out of the classroom and get out into the tropical water and do some great diving.

Once you have your 5 specialty Instructor ratings, and certified your first 25 students, you will then be certified as a Master Scuba Diver Trainer, immediately distinguishing yourself apart from the rest and greatly enhancing your prospect for employment.

Your Equipment Package.

change-lifestyle5With GoPro-Asia, you’ll receive your own full set of professional, top quality, brand name scuba diving equipment to use throughout your internship:


  • High Quality Mask & Snorkel
  • Regulator Set ( First stage, Primary and Alternate 2nd Stage, Gauges and LPI Hose)
  • Bouyancy Control device (BCD)
  • Open Heel fins & Wetsuit Booties
  • Dive Knife
  • Surface Maker Device (SMB)
  • Whistle
  • Underwater slate
  • Pocket mask
  • Underwater Compass
  • Stainless Steel Dive Knife
  • Shorty Wetsuit
  • Gear Bag

We can add a Dive Computer to your equipment package if you desire for a little extra.

PADI Materials and Certification Fees

GoPro Asia Instructor Internships include all your necessary PADI materials and certification fees required for your training. There are no hidden extras here.

Entry Level PADI Materials: PADI Open Water Manual, Advanced Diver Manual, Emergency First Responder Manual, PADI Rescue Diver Manual, Recreational Dive Planner Table, Adventures in Diving Slate, Emergency Management Slate

Professional Level Materials: PADI Divemaster Manual, Encyclopedia of Recreational Diving, PADI Diving Knowledge Workbook, PADI Instructor Manual, PADI Emergency First Response instructor manual, PADI IDC Candidate Workbook, DM Slates, Instructor Cue Cards, Lesson Preparation slates, Student Exam booklets, electronic dive planner – multi level version, Specialty course instructor outlines

PADI Fees: Divemaster application Fee, Open Water Scuba Instructor Application fee and Instructor Examination fees, Emergency First Response Instructor Application Fee, Specialty Application Fees and Master Scuba Diver Trainer Application Fee. All inclusive with your package.

If you have a laptop computer, bring it along as we can provide a lot of the above materials in a Digital Version which will free up some space in your luggage.


GoPro-Asia will also offer assistance in finding the best accommodation to suit both your budget and social requirements.

We can discuss your accommodation preferences when you book your diving internships with us here on Koh Tao.


Experience technical diving with our Discover Tec workshop.

Technical diving is the extreme side of diving. As a technical diver, you get the chance to dive deeper, stay longer and explore parts of the underwater world that recreational divers just cannot venture. Technical divers need special training and equipment to be able to explore those amazing sites, and we offer that training with GoPro-Asia.

As part of your Internship training, you’ll participate in a technical diving workshop where you’ll have an opportunity to utilize some of this equipment used to explore beyond the limits of recreational diving. We’ll set aside a day during your training schedule, where you’ll get to try the expedition range rebreathers that we use to teach on, practice some skills on a twin set (2 tanks on your back) and try some different side mount units and test the different configurations available to you.

With technical diving becoming more and more popular due to the advancements in technology and equipment, this is a wonderful chance to get real life experience in this fast growing discipline.

GoPro-Asia offers the full range of technical diving programs including Full Trimix to 100m, Closed Circuit Rebreathers, Full Cave and Advanced Wreck training all the way to Instructor level with both PADI and TDI. Proudly the only facility on the island able to do that.


To book this course, a 20% ( ฿55,000 ) deposit is payable now. The balance is due on arrival.