Beginner To PADI Divemaster Internship

2 months | 120000baht

PADI Divemaster Internship includes:

  • All PADI Diving Courses from beginner to PADI Divemaster
  • PADI O2 Provider
  • PADI Enriched Air Nitrox Diver
  • Your own set of professional scuba diving equipment
  • All PADI Course Materials
  • All Certification Fees
  • First Year PADI Membership
  • Free Diving for Life
  • Recreational Sidemount Diver Course
  • Free Intro to Technical Diving
  • Option to Upgrade to our Unique Go Tec DM Package
  • Option to include 1 year personal Pro-Level Dive Insurance. (ask Jeff for more details)

Beginner to PADI Divemaster Internship – More info …

IDC-prep1Waking up in the morning knowing you’re going to work doing something you love is something you’ll have to get used to as a PADI Divemaster. Whether this is a full time career move or something to fill your Gap year, working as a Divemaster is one of world’s most enjoyable jobs.

With GoPro Asia’s Divemaster Internship in Thailand, you’ll progress through the entry level programs in sequence with our experienced Master Instructors before beginning your Divemaster Program. Your training will be supervised by your Course Director and Koh Tao’s only technical Instructor trainer, Jeff.

During the program, you’ll work side by side with our Instructor and Divemaster team, progressing through the skills and workshops required for you to become certified as a PADI Divemaster, the first professional level in the PADI system.

Along the way, you’ll receive real hands on experience on how to run a busy Career Development Centre, you’ll log over 100 dives, but most importantly, you’ll have the chance to meet so many new people from all over the world.

By the end of your dive internship training, you’ll be a valued member of our diving crew, taking on real responsibility while dealing with real customers.


IDC-prep3This 2 month scuba diving internship will progress, in order, thru the levels of PADI Diver education beginning with –

1. PADI Open Water Diver:

You’ll learn the initial skills involved in blowing those bubbles underwater. You’ll participate in shallow water training, which leads you into your 4 open water dives to a max depth of 18m. (more)

2. PADI Advanced Open Water Diver:

This program will give you the necessary skills to allow you to dive with your buddy independently from your Instructor. You’ll do 2 core dives, Deep and Navigation, and then you’ll choose your 3 elective dives from Night, Search and Recovery, Wreck, Multilevel, Photography and many more. (more)

3. Emergency First Responder and PADI Rescue:

This program will hone your first aid skills and in-water rescue skills, both surface and underwater. We’ll show you how to prevent and respond to scuba diving emergencies. (more)

4. PADI O2 Provider:

You’ll get certified in how to administer 100% O2 as a treatment to diving related injuries.

5. PADI Divemaster Internship:

Now the real fun begins! Your internship will allow you to assume leadership responsibility for diving activities. During this program, you’ll receive lectures on diving theory from your Course Director, Jeff Glenn – the same theory needed to pass Instructor level programs. You’ll participate in workshops on how to conduct Divemaster programs like Scuba Reviews and Discover Local Diving.

You’ll also work side by side with our experienced Divemaster team and learn how to organize the day to day logistics of running a successful and busy Dive centre.

During your Divemaster Internship, you’re welcome to make ‘non training’ fun-dives where you’ll team up with another intern and simply go out and enjoy the beautiful dive sites that Koh Tao has to offer. We find this is an awesome way to improve your skills as a diver, increasing your confidence for when it comes to leading real divers around the local dive sites.

Your Equipment Package.

beg-dm1With GoPro-Asia, you’ll receive your own full set of professional scuba diving equipment to use throughout your internship:

  • Mask & Snorkel
  • Regulator set
  • Bouyancy Control device (BCD)
  • Open Heel fins & Wetsuit Booties
  • Dive Knife
  • Surface Maker Device (SMB)
  • Whistle
  • Underwater slate
  • Pocket mask
  • Underwater Compass
  • Shorty Wetsuit

We can add a Dive Computer to your equipment package if you desire for a little extra.

PADI Materials and Certification Fees

beg-dm2GoPro Asia Divemaster Internships include all your necessary PADI materials and certification fees required for your training. There are no hidden extras here.

You’ll receive:

  • PADI Open Water Diver Manual
  • PADI Adventures in Diving Manual
  • Emergency First Response Manual
  • PADI Rescue Diver Manual
  • PADI Divemaster Manual
  • Encyclopedia of Recreational Diving
  • PADI Diving Knowledge Workbook
  • PADI Recreational Dive Planner (Table and electronic version)
  • Emergency Management Slate
  • Adventures in Diving Slate
  • PADI Divemaster Cue Cards

PADI Fees: Divemaster Application.

All Materials and Divemaster Application fee is inclusive in your package.

Accommodation for your Internship with GoPro-Asia

You’ll have your own bungalow for your 2 month internship. It will have everything you need to make it comfortable – 24hr electric, a double bed, and plenty of space to relax and study. A lot of the other interns will be your neighbours so it will never get lonely after your day’s diving activities.

My Daily Schedule during my Internship with GoPro-Asia

beg-dm3Your day will start with the most difficult decision you’ll have to make – where do I have breakfast?

Then it’s on to your training at the dive school. You may be doing some classroom theory sessions, mastering new skills in 1 of our 2 swimming pools, getting out in the tropical water assisting on a course, or practicing your dive leads with real divers.

Each day, our dive facility offers two morning dives and two afternoon dives, with night dives being conducted every second day. You’re welcome to dive as much as you wish, but keeping safety in mind, we recommend a couple of dives a day – that will leave you with the energy to participate in any classroom presentations we have scheduled, or just the energy needed to enjoy the many social aspects of living on the tropical island.

Your Divemaster internship structure is flexible, but we’ll make sure you know where you’re at with your training at all times. If you wish a couple of days off to enjoy the beaches of Koh Tao, or maybe you wish to head over to The Full Moon party, feel free, but just let your Instructors know in advance and don’t commit to any scheduled activities if you can’t be there.

Evening time is another tough one. Where do you go to watch the sunset? Koh Tao has many fine restaurants and many chilled bars to relax and discuss your day’s diving, and plenty of places for you to go if you really want to let your hair down.

Overall, Koh Tao is a diving haven, and we at GoPro-Asia are confident that you’ll have the time of your life here during your Divemaster Internship training in Thailand!


GoPro-Asia will also offer assistance in finding the best accommodation to suit both your budget and social requirements.

We can discuss your accommodation preferences when you book your diving internships with us here on Koh Tao.


Experience technical diving with our Discover Tec workshop.

Technical diving is the extreme side of diving. As a technical diver, you get the chance to dive deeper, stay longer and explore parts of the underwater world that recreational divers just cannot venture. Technical divers need special training and equipment to be able to explore those amazing sites, and we offer that training with GoPro-Asia.

As part of your Internship training, you’ll participate in a technical diving workshop where you’ll have an opportunity to utilize some of this equipment used to explore beyond the limits of recreational diving. We’ll set aside a day during your training schedule, where you’ll get to try the expedition range rebreathers that we use to teach on, practice some skills on a twin set (2 tanks on your back) and try some different side mount units and test the different configurations available to you.

With technical diving becoming more and more popular due to the advancements in technology and equipment, this is a wonderful chance to get real life experience in this fast growing discipline.

GoPro-Asia offers the full range of technical diving programs including Full Trimix to 100m, Closed Circuit Rebreathers, Full Cave and Advanced Wreck training all the way to Instructor level with both PADI and TDI. Proudly the only facility on the island able to do that.


To book this course, a 20% ( ฿24,000 ) deposit is payable now. The balance is due on arrival.