Diving Koh Tao

For all of our DiveMaster Candidates and PADI Instructor candidates on this months PADI IDC, we will be running a Tec Xplore Day where you will be given the opportunity to test dive one of our expedition range Closed Circuit Rebreathers. (CCR). This was a great day out when we last ran the day with . . . .

I’d like to write, in parts, about one of the most important aspects of scuba diving, one that, IMO, isn’t emphasized enough by PADI Instructors and Divemaster’s during the early development of student divers. These practices are what the super stars of diving like cave divers, CCR divers and trimix divers implement religiously into their diving to . . . .

The greatest dilemma for beginner divers who have fallen in love with the underwater world is the question of which pathway to follow next, Recreational or Technical diving. The most common path, the rescue diver / divemaster / Instructor path, offered by all the recreational diving agencies is the main pathway for divers here on . . . .

Have you ever been on the commute to work, sitting in traffic, heading to sit at a desk behind a computer and start daydreaming of that upcoming vacation?  That vacation filled with palm trees, sunny days, beaches and relaxation.  Now imagine that vacation as your daily routine.  Picture yourself surrounded by happy souls on vacation…these . . . .

Time for your IDC. Are you ready to become a PADI Open Water Diving Instructor (OWSI)!  Embarking on this journey will open doors to one of the best jobs in the world.   However, unlike with the Divemaster program, there are far more pre-requisites that must be achieved prior to beginning your IDC.  This is . . . .

Sidemount Diving There are many key benefits for both backmount and sidemount systems within the open circuit space however, many seasoned divers prefer one over the other. Depending on site makeup, situational requirements, and dive team goals, a diver skilled in both set ups has a clear advantage. That being said, sidemount is much less . . . .